FAQs | De Winkel Yoghurt


What is acidophilus yoghurt?

De Winkel yoghurt is made with Lactobacillus acidophilus cultures. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a probiotic culture that provides good bacteria to the gut, helping to support inner balance

The acidophilus yoghurt tastes tart, is this normal?

Yes, this yoghurt range is unsweetened and contains natural sugars only, coming from milk ingredients. We also have a culture that provides a slightly more tart flavour profile than in other yoghurts.

Is De Winkel gluten free?

Yes. All yoghurts in the De Winkel range are gluten free.

Is De Winkel halal?

Yes, De Winkel is made using milk but no other animal products are used.

Is De Winkel all natural?

Yes. De Winkel has no artificial flavours or colours, no gluten, gelatine or preservatives.

Is De Winkel suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, De Winkel is made using milk but no other animal products, including gelatine, are used.

Can I freeze De Winkel?

Like most dairy products, De Winkel yoghurt is best enjoyed well chilled from the refrigerator and freezing is not recommended. It may be possible to freeze De Winkel however it can destroy the great creamy texture of the yoghurt.

Can I cook with De Winkel?

You can use De Winkel Unsweetened Yoghurt in the same way as you would use any yoghurt in a recipe. Add yoghurt to cooked dishes at the end of the heating process. Adding the yoghurt before the heating process can cause the yoghurt to separate or curdle. Try adding a dollop of De Winkel Yoghurt to your favourite curry dish with diced cucumber. Add to fish dishes with finely chopped dill – delicious! Finish off your favourite fruit salad with a generous dollop of De Winkel Unsweetened Yoghurt.

What products are available in the De Winkel range?

De Winkel All Natural Plain Unsweetened – 600g and 1kgTetra Pak™, 4-pack

After using once, water builds up on top of my yoghurt. Is this normal?

Yes, this is completely natural and occurs in yoghurts that are not stabilised with starches and gums. It is natural whey separating from the yoghurt once the curd (yoghurt) is disturbed. Simply stir the yoghurt well, to recombine the curds and whey.

Whenever I buy yoghurt in the Tetra Pak™, the yoghurt dries around the spout and I can’t get all the yoghurt out. Can you change the packaging?

We are investigating ways to address these concerns, however it is fairly complex and will take some time to address.