How De Winkel supports the bees

Here at De Winkel, we’re buzzing about bees.

Not only are they cute and fuzzy, but they pollinate roughly one third of everything we eat, including fruit. But did you know these impressive little guys need our help?

The bees are under threat in a number of ways from Varroa mite, a tiny bug that breeds in hives and weakens bees, and other endemic viruses and bacteria to habitat degradation.

However, beekeepers have learnt to manage these bugs and viruses successfully and NZ’s bee populations are doing better than those globally. But our Kiwi bees still need to be shown love. They are dependant on humans to protect them by ensuring they have a plentiful supply of flowering plants to forage on careful use of insecticides both commercially and domestically.

So, De Winkel has formed a partnership with Apiculture New Zealand to support them in their efforts to help the bees.

Support the Bees